Diceware Password Generator

This post is about a Diceware password generator I wrote after watching this video by Computerphile:

For those less inclined to watching videos it goes a little like this.

Using the Diceware password generator saves on the wrist action
You can use 1 die, or a bunch of dice for this method. Photo by Lea Böhm

Using a 6 sided dice and a world list of about 7500 words you make a password.

See, in the list of words, each is listed with a 5 digit number against it, like this:

42533 opossum
42534 opponent
42535 oppose
42536 opposing
42541 opposite
42542 oppressed
42543 oppressor
42544 opt
42545 opulently
42546 osmosis

To make a password, you need to roll the dice 5 times (or roll 5 dice once for advanced players) and note down the numbers you get (in no particular order).

Once you have your 5 numbers written down, match the number you have against the word list.  So if you rolled 4-2-5-4-3, then you would get the word “oppressor”.

Repeat this a bunch of times until you have enough words added together to make a really long password.

That’s the summarised version anyway – for full details about the system, it’s site is here.

I made this to make my own password combinations as I didn’t want to wait on dice arriving.  It uses the eff_large_wordlist instead of the original list as they’re better, more obscure words.

You can download it here: Diceware password generator (.xlsx)

(Provided as-is, use at your own risk, yada-yada, etc.  Point is, you’re on your own too.)

Once you’ve got the words, combine them in any order, I I’d suggest randomly substituting or adding some other characters just to make it harder to attack using word lists.