Eric the Green Spotted Puffer eating a clam (Video)

Eric the Green Spotted Puffer Fish

His name’s Eric and he’s a Green Spotted Puffer Fish (Tetraodon nigroviridis).
He’s a young ‘un in my 30 gallon tank and he’s been playing well with his tankmates (surprisingly) – this is just a video of him eating a recently defrosted clam that’s been dropped into his tank.

link: Youtube.


Clearly, he’s a fan. Generally, I try to feed my Green Spotted Puffer a varied diet, so he tends to get bloodworms, chopped mussels, clams and the occasional cooked, shelled prawn to feast on.

More videos of that coming soon.
He is a messy eater, but like any puffer fish you just need to make sure you regularly clean the tank and mop up any waste/leftovers and have good filtration.

I’ve planted my tank (with CO2 injection) -you scan see streams of oxygen bubbles coming from some of the plants which have only been in the tank for about a week) so that should help keep the Nitrates down as Green Spotted puffer fish are more susceptible to incorrect water parameters than most fish – seeing as they don’t have scales they tend to be a little more delicate.

It’s also pretty plain he’s a bit of a badass – I’m in the process of growing some daphnia to provide some live food.  That should hopefully give him a chance to hunt and stalk prey and generally bask in just how damned dangerous he is to his prey – or in other words give him a chance to use his predatory instincts.  With any luck there will be videos of this happening in the next month or so assuming I can raise some from an old source of eggs.  If not then I guess I’ll just buy some from my local fish shop (which ironically is part of a chain).